Book Buzz: The Beatryce Prophecy

My intention here is to Book Buzz professional literature to give you an idea what it’s about and if it’s worth the read. Today’s Book Buzz is not a professional text, but I cannot stop thinking about it. The universe wants this book to be spoken about. Last Saturday, I attended the 100th anniversary ofContinue reading “Book Buzz: The Beatryce Prophecy”

Writing Group #2: Always Read with a Pen in Hand

This week’s Writing Group tip is fast, effective, and easy to implement. Now, it may seem out of place here in our writing group – a strategy about reading. But, we all know and it has been well documented by the giants in our field the reciprocity that exists between reading and writing. The nextContinue reading “Writing Group #2: Always Read with a Pen in Hand”

Book Buzz: Teach Like Yourself by Gravity Goldberg

For years I’ve wrestled with this question: How can one maintain autonomy and authenticity while teaching lessons written by someone else? On the quest to discover wisdom around this, I found Teach Like Yourself by Gravity Goldberg. This book would be a good read for anyone in the educational ecosystem. The heart of this bookContinue reading “Book Buzz: Teach Like Yourself by Gravity Goldberg”

Welcome to Inward Literacy

Welcome. You are standing at the doorstep of a new place and time. Where the journey takes you upon opening the door is really up to you. Here at Inward Literacy, you’ll find content about hot-off-the-presses (and some oldies-but-goodies, too) professional education reads that can help you grow as an educator. We will also growContinue reading “Welcome to Inward Literacy”