About Us

This is me on a particularly good hair day wearing what I lovingly refer to as my “Twilight” sweater. It’s one of those sweatshirts that’s trying to be more than a sweatshirt, which I am completely here for.

What I’m also here for is you, and us. Inward Literacy is a place for us all to slow down and breath. The world is moving at a dizzying speed. I vow to quiet the noise, not add to it. Here, we’ll talk about books and writing; both how to grow as an adult writer and transferrable tips from that journey that will help your student writers. Check out the Dear Mallory page if you need a thinking partner in me.

I believe that we as educators owe it to ourselves and our students to be self-aware, introspective, and ever-evolving. Join us as we look inward to better ourselves so that we can make better our school communities.

Love, Mallory