Welcome to Inward Literacy

The Door

Welcome. You are standing at the doorstep of a new place and time. Where the journey takes you upon opening the door is really up to you. Here at Inward Literacy, you’ll find content about hot-off-the-presses (and some oldies-but-goodies, too) professional education reads that can help you grow as an educator. We will also grow as writers through what I’ll call The Writing Group.

Intertwined through the educational literacy thinking we’ll engage in will be moments for self-reflection. This introspection will allow space for personal growth so we can become better humans, too. Everyone benefits when we embrace the notion that we are all learners and on a journey towards our better selves.

Inward Literacy is the place for forward-looking educators that like to look around the corner to see what’s coming. This is your digital soft landing place to look within, and then look back out to your school community and keep going, going, going and doing the good work.

My aim is to create a vibrant community of lit-within educators that are striving to know better and do better for themselves and their students.

Welcome. I’m so glad you are here.

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